Shazam! (Movie Review)

Oscar Rendon | St. Louis, MO | April 6th, 2019


SHAZAM! (2019) stars Zachary Levi as the titular superhero, Asher Angel, Jack Dylan Grazer, Grace Fulton, Marta Milans, Cooper Andrews, and Mark Strong. Billy Batson is granted the powers of SHAZAM! He and his new family will help him find the hero inside. Big meets Superhero Films.


SHAZAM! is the latest entry in the DC Films ‘Worlds of DC’ introducing one of DC Comics most fun and loud Superheroes, Shazam. Zachary Levi takes the mantle of Shazam to the big screen for the first time ever and what you instantly connect to is his infectious sense of wonder as he begins to discover his power. From the start of the film, we are thrust into the world of the Wizard Shazam. David F. Sandberg brings some of his horror elements and sensibilities to the DC film and adds a unique angle to the genre. If we had to compare it to other films it would be if The Goonies met Big. Asher Angel who plays the powered down teen counterpart to Shazam Billy Batson is tasked with playing the more serious part of the character and in some ways ends up playing an adult. We come to care about Billy Batson because of Asher’s performance as troubled teenager looking for his family. The movie’s marketing doesn’t highlight how big of an ensemble cast this film is. Jack Dylan Grazer who plays Freddy Freeman is the audience, he has superhero knowledge but he also wishes he had the powers Billy gets and in some ways becomes the heart of the film. His comedic timing and charm paired with Zachary Levi’s excitement and wonder makes the duo a must watch and worth the price of admission. The villain is just as important when it comes to introducing a new hero and Mark Strongs Dr. Thaddeus Sivana is a key piece as we are introduced to him early on and is given a great backstory as to why he becomes a villain.

The story for SHAZAM! is a great origin story for a superhero film as it’s a story about finding your inner hero, finding family, and having fun being a superhero. The films third act becomes one of the better third acts in recent memory for a superhero film that keeps us guessing and even surprises us at the end. Overall, the film is fun, energetic, with a great story about family and has heart. Asher Angel, Zachary Levi, Jack Dylan Grazer, and Faithe Herman are the biggest breakouts and revelations from this film.

The Grade