Has Thirty Seconds To Mars cracked the concert code?


By now Thirty Seconds To Mars are underway on their Monolith Tour, headlining shows all summer long across the US in support of their 5th studio album America. Thirty Seconds To Mars consists of the brother duo of Jared & Shannon Leto who formed the band in the mid 90's. America the latest album has been received with mixed reviews which is the case for any artist when they begin to go in a different direction. MARS are well into half a year of touring coming back from Europe and the reviews are in about the shows they have put on. 

Although the band has received criticism for their "mainstream" move with their music the band is still as entertaining as ever live and in person. Let's break down what a concert these days consists of or at least needs to be in order for fans to have a good time. 

  1. The band must have a catalogue of songs that fans know every word to. MARS have no shortage of songs to pick and choose from. A lot of their songs are sing-along friendly. Jared Leto has gone on record that in recent years they've made music that fans from all over the world can sing to. The "oh's" are what give the fans the chance to be part of the show as Leto points the mic out at the crowd. Although this has also been met with criticism, the fans don't seem to mind and enjoy it. 
  2. On-stage presence. The band has never lacked onstage presence, when the Leto brothers hit the stage the crowd goes wild. Jared Leto moves across the stage making sure no one feels left out, interacting with the crowd. Shannon Leto although constrained to his drum-kit brings a raw energy that makes it fun to watch him go into his own world while playing to the beat. 
  3. Spectacle. The band shows that they can bring a fun time to the show. Although many have complained that lead singer Jared Leto lets the crowd do most of the singing during their shows it's actually a lot smarter than one might think. With the crowd singing, Leto can preserve his voice for the next show. Also, the point of a concert is to lose yourself in the experience. An artist or band could sing every song but then what would be the point of seeing them live if you can just pop in their albums and hear them from the comfort of your own home. One element that the band always bring to their shows is unpredictability. If you are a lucky member of the crowd then Leto himself will point you out to come on stage with many others to close out the show with the last song. 

The Leto brothers combine all of this to bring a fun, interactive show, key word, show. A lot of artists in the past have been caught using a track during their concerts so they never really have to sing, Thirty Seconds To Mars move away from that genuinely bring an energy that keeps you going hours after the show is over. So, after all of that, what do you think? Thirty Seconds To Mars are on tour and you can check them out live and in person.

Get tickets at Ticketmaster or Live Nation or by visiting www.thirtysecondstomars.com, you can also roll in as a VIP by visiting Adventures In Wonderland.