BREAKING: Roman Reigns Announces Battle with Leukemia


Oscar Rendon | October 23rd, 2018

Last night on Monday October 22nd, 2018 Roman Reigns (real name Joe Anoa'i) kicked off WWE’s Monday Night Raw episode with an announcement that he had been re-diagnosed with Leukemia. The announcement came as a shock to many fans all across social media and to those in attendance as the arena was filled with shocked faces and tears. Watching the video myself, I was not immune to the emotional speech he gave. “I want to make one thing clear, by no means is this a retirement speech” said Reigns. “Because after I’m done whooping leukemia’s ass once again, I’m coming back home.”

After the speech, Roman was met at the top of the ramp by his SHIELD brothers Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose as they embraced. Video of Roman surfaced as he walked through the curtain and was met by many WWE talent and management. Roman in his speech mentioned that he had battled with Leukemia before and had gone into remission. Roman Reigns the character was one fans either boo’ed or cheered for reasons beyond his control. Our hope is that this news serves as a wake up call to those critical of the athletes but specifically Roman Reigns that they are people too. People with feelings, families and beating hearts. We wish Roman Reigns the best as he fights the battle against leukemia.