The Big Reveal on Krypton


Krypton has slowly made it's way to being one of this season's best television series for DC. Accompanied by great shows like Black Lightning, Legend's of Tomorrow, Arrow, The Flash, Gotham, Lucifer and Supergirl. 

This past week, Krypton dropped the biggest bombshell after five episodes on 'House of Zod'. Colin Salmon made his presence known on the show very early on as a Black Zero operative according to Vex but we found out the truth about his character. In a equally matched fight with Lyta he (Colin Salmon) recognizes an emblem around her neck which he reveals to have one too. When asked by Lyta where he got it he says "you did, I'm your son". General Zod has made it to Krypton and fans are going crazy with anticipation with whats to come as the season is nearly half way done. In various interviews, Cameron Cuffe who play's Seg on the show has stated that the show will test and change who we as the audience view as the villain and what alliances form after this big reveal. To recap, Adam Strange who time-traveled to Krypton and revealed the future to Seg want's for time to take it's course which means Krypton exploding in the far future. General Zod, who also traveled back in time is trying to save Krypton from ever destroying itself. We can all do the math, will Seg's loyalty be tested when faced with this decision? Only time will tell but the writers of Krypton have had us on our feet each week and we anxiously await this week's episode of Krypton.