Lucha Underground returns this Wednesday on the El Rey Network


Lucha Underground returns this Wednesday with Season 4 after nearly months and months of speculation and wonder on the future of the dark and gritty wrestling series. Last time when we were with these characters Pentagon Dark claimed the Lucha Underground Championship, Prince Puma was banished to another universe, and the LU promoter Dario Cueto was murdered. Now the series returns with some new and familiar faces, a brand new temple, and a new man in charage, Dario's father. This season has been kept well under wraps with no word on any developing storylines or characters that are set to debut or return for this next season. 

Lucha Underground has transcended wrestling and become a true television series not bound by the laws of reality and exists in it's own dimension. For more coverage news on Lucha Underground head over to On The Ropes Network where the series will be discussed in-depth and visit our TV Reviews for more reviews on episodes and characters as the season moves along this summer. Lucha Underground returns Wednesday June 13th on the El Rey Network.