Best Digital Series 'Being The Elite'


Oscar Rendon | September 10th, 2018

BTE Cast2.jpg

Being The Elite has become a cult sensation over the past few years with over 100 episodes on YouTube. The series stars independent wrestlers Matt & Nick Jackson, former WWE Superstar Cody (Rhodes), Kenny Omega, Marty Scurll, Adam Page, and a slew of professional wrestlers. The series even tapped into guest spots with Arrow star Stephen Amell.

Being The Elite is not just another vlog-style show on YouTube, while the series did start that way with Matt & Nick documenting their adventures as pro-wrestlers all across the world. After the show began to gain traction with fans the series began to change into one of the most entertaining digital series. While keeping the vlog-style shooting, the show was injected with fun storylines and characters that soon bled out into the ring across cities and towns across the world. Characters and storylines from the show would start to play out in major companies the group worked for like Ring Of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling. Storylines from those events from those major companies also played into BTE story and characters along with original content produced by the group. The show not only was a way for the group to express their creative side behind and in front of the camera but also a great way to market their themselves. The shows brand of comedy infuses wrestling knowledge and lingo and mixes it with great writing and anything being created in Hollywood. It has also been helpful for talents that would usually not get as much exposure in such a quick amount of time, talent like Flip Gordon and Adam Page have benefited greatly from the show.

Currently the show is at only 118 episodes which is more than most shows get on television or Netflix these days. The show has done wonders not only for all those involved but for the wrestling community as a whole as the world of professional wrestling gets more and more eyes on it. You can catch an episode of Being The Elite on YouTube.