12 Monkeys: One of the Greatest TV Shows You May Not Have Seen

Oscar Rendon | St. Louis, MO | June 24th, 2019

12 Monkeys still.png

12 Monkeys debuted on the SYFY channel in early 2015, the show was a reimagining of the 12 Monkeys film which starred Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt in the mid 90’s. This version cast new faces and names like Emily Hampshire, Amanda Schull, and Kirk Acevedo. The series recruited Aaron Stanford from the X-Men franchise as the leading character James Cole a time traveler from the future trying to stop a deadly plague from wiping out all of humanity. The first season flew under the radar a bit, I had seen some previews for the show and its series premiere and was intrigued by the concept and cast. I tuned in to see if would be a show worth watching, in this day and age television has become content gold with a few good shows far and in between. The pilot episode was astonishing and visual effects were amazing, this was the tide for the SYFY channel in my opinion when it started producing some great TV shows. Although it was a time-travel show it had elements of fantasy and even cool 50’s noir, genre bending from week to week. At the core though was always the characters and our want for them to succeed. Each week that passed was another week I didn’t have anyone to talk to about the show, people were watching other things and somehow this great first season fell under everyones radar. Luckily they had been renewed for a second season and I was ecstatic.


The story and plot for these episodes kept me engaged and the characters more importantly made me care for their fates. James Cole played by Aaron Stanford was the character that you root for but also his inner circle. The show only lasted 4 seasons but the character work and the time they gave each character made all the difference in creating a compelling show about time travel. Amanda Schull as Cassandra Railly evolved as the seasons went on and became more than just a love interest fro the protagonist but a well written fleshed out character. Naming more standouts like Katarina Jones played by Barbara Sukowa the mastermind behind the mission to save humanity, at first glance she’s the prototypical hard ass but again just like Cassandra (Cassie) she too had more depth and complexities to her character which by the very end of the show makes certain revelations that much more satisfying. Now theres two characters I really was amazed with how well they were written and brought to life by the actors playing them and those characters were Deacon and Jennifer Goines played by Todd Stashwick and Emily Hampshire. The character of Deacon is such a rollercoaster through all 4 seasons, from villain to hero with great emotional depth that you end up feeling sympathetic for him. Jennifer Goines also has quite the transformation throughout the 4 seasons. She goes from a crazy secondary in the first 2 seasons to one of the best parts of each episode in the later seasons, her added quirk and mental instability made for funny and touching moments. Theres so much more I could talk about but I don’t want to spoil much so why don’t you just head over to HULU and watch the entire series and then come back here so we can talk! Deal? Deal!