Kingdom Come: Brandon Routh's Superman Returns!

Oscar Rendon | St. Louis, MO | September 27th, 2019


We get our first full look at Brandon Routh suiting up as Kingdom Come Superman in the Crisis On Infinite Earths crossover event this December. Routh is sporting the Kingdom Come suit and iconic S from that comic run along with some grey hairs on the sides of his face. The overall size and detail of the suit is reminiscent of his Superman Returns suit with a slight darker tone on the blue and red cape.

Brandon Routh won’t be the only Superman on-screen as Tyler Hoechlin returns for this years crossover and in a surprising turn of events, Tom Welling will be reprising his role as Clark Kent from Smallville. No word if he’ll suit up alongside Hoechlin and Routh but the internet and fan base surrounding the shows are a buzz of all the surprise guest announcements the CW have made since last years Elseworlds crossover event.

So, how about you? Are you excited for the 5-hour cross over event? Leave your comments down below.