Supernatural - S13|EP04 "The Big Empty" (TV Review)


Season 13 of Supernatural is well underway but that doesn't mean we can't start a whole new series of reviews for the cult following show that has now reached a significant honor of 13 seasons on The CW. Supernatural has stood the test of timed is still going strong with possibly its best season yet. Just to recap the past 3 episodes quickly, Castiel is 'dead', Lucifers (not Tom Ellis) son Jack is born and already a grown adult, Dean hates Jack, Sam likes Jack, Mary and Lucifer (not to be confused with FOX) are in an alternate reality and Asmodeus is in charge of Hell until Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) returns. Now lets talk about 'The Big Empty'.

So far the season has really focused on the relationship Dean and Sam have with Lucifers son Jack individually. On this episode Jack goes on his first job/hunt with Sam & Dean as they investigate what they believe ghost killings. Their investigation leads them to a grief counselor Mia Vallens who opens up some unresolved grief between all three men. Supernatural has been good with casting strong actors to pull the emotions out of their audience and they did so this episode. Sam & Dean are trying to cope with losing Mary but Sam still believes she is alive. The acting as usual between Jensen and Jared is a home run as they hit every tear jerking moment beat by beat. The addition of Jack played by Alexander Calvert has been a nice surprise as the young actor not only fits the role of an innocent wide eyed demigod/nephilim but also as a "son" of sorts to Sam who really has chosen to care for him. Calvert really gets to shine with his comedic beats through out the season so far but this episode had him really reaching new heights as an emotional scene between him and his deceased mother Kelly had us reaching for the tissue box. Meanwhile, Castiel is awake in the void or emptiness trying to escape and find his way back Sam & Dean. There are a couple of nice 'twists' and moments of dialogue that flesh out the characters of Jack and Mia in this episode especially during the scene mentioned above between Jack and Kelly. Overall the show never seems to let me down and the addition of Alexander Calvert as Jack has been a breath of fresh air to the show and to the dynamic between the brothers

The Grade