This Is Us - S3|EP05 "Toby" (TV Review)

Oscar Rendon | October 24th, 2018


Season 3, Episode 5 of This Is Us titled ‘Toby’ explores more of Toby’s backstory as we get a flashbacks to his childhood and how he dealt with conflict and his depression. The episode was packed from beginning to end with multiple storylines. The first of these storylines is Kate and Toby trying to get pregnant after a successful surgery, being Kate’s rock takes a toll on Toby who is off his anti-depressants. Chris Sullivan who plays Toby does a wonderful job at acting with expressions, letting us feel what he’s feeling without ever saying it out loud. When he learns that Kate is pregnant he is relieved and also sad as he breaks down in tears in front of Kate. The flashbacks to Toby’s younger self were done well with the young actor playing little Toby (Dylan Gage) really capturing that sense of humor and care that Sullivan brings to the adult version.


Kevin and Zoe are on the road going to visit Mr. Robinson, Jack’s friend in the army during Vietnam. The progression as a couple has been fun to watch as Zoe has more of the control. Zoe’s inner struggle on whether Kevin is “worth it” comes to a head on this episode. Mr. Robinson meets with Kevin and they discuss Jack’s past in Vietnam. This is the story that has fans most intrigued as it ties in to Jack’s brother who Kevin mentions in this episode. Justin Hartley really has done a great job with his character as he starts learning more about his father. I really believe that connection with his father and it makes for some of the more emotional scenes in the series. At the end of the show, Mr. Robinson hands Kevin a few letters from Jack and discovers the origin to the necklace Jack gave him.

Lastly, Miguel finally gets a bit more screen time as we find out why he was so keen on helping out the Pearson family after Jack’s passing. Jon Huertas gets no love sometimes for the work he’s done on this show but he really emerges in this episode as he tries to be helpful. At the end we go even further back to when Jack was still alive and makes Miguel promise him that he would take care of his family if anything ever happened to him. I hope we explore more of Miguel’s life after Jack passed and before he married Rebecca. He is a very under appreciated character and I hope he has more time to develop the character on screen. Overall, the episode was a good one, too much was going on if that was my one criticism. Randall’s plot on running for office didn’t move much of his story forward and could have been left, I wanted to see more of Beth’s story in this episode after she was let go from her job in last weeks episode.

The Grade