Krypton - S1|EP01 "Pilot" (TV Review)


DC Comics have explored the mythology of Superman and his past. The mystery behind the planet and it's demise has been one of intrigue to DC fans since the inception of the Man of Steel himself. David Goyer one of the writers for Man of Steel (2013) and The Dark Knight (2008) is at the helm of this new series which takes places several centuries before the birth of the hero we come to know and love as Kal El aka Clark Kent aka Superman. Krypton stars Cameron Cuffe as a young Seg-El (Kal-El's Grandfather), Georgina Campbell as Lyta Zod, Shaun Sipos as Adam Strange and Blake Ritson as DC's most well known villain Brainiac. 

Krypton 5.jpg

Early in the show's open we are introduced to Val-El, Seg's grandfather who is dealing with charges of treason for not going along with some questionable ideals from the "council" The episode felt different from all other super hero shows on TV today. For one, it didn't have any superpowers at play. On Krypton, the Kandorians are normal in every way under the Red Sun. The only thing "super" about it is the great design work that makes it feel like an alien planet. Second, it feels disconnected from the rest of the DC TV shows, much like Gotham it has it's own beats and tone that separate it from the larger DC TV universe. 

Seg-El is the hero that this show will follow and immediately we get the sense that he is a hero who much like his grandson will have to learn and grow into the role of savior. Cuffe as the young Seg has a look that reminds me of Tom Welling of Smallville which was also a coming of age tale for the Man of Steel. The show puts us right in the middle of a civil war between Kryptonians and the House's that are against one another. The House of El has been stripped and forgotten but it seems the story will be one of redemption for the House of El. In a surprising twist, Seg is in a hidden relationship with Lyta... Zod. The descendant of the General who one day will come to be Superman's most legendary foes. The show takes a political look into Class between the people in civilizations even on a distant planet. Adam Strange also makes an appearance on the show, warning the impending doom Krypton is to suffer from Brainiac coming to destroy Krypton before Kal is even born. This show changes how we look at the mythology of Superman and his home planet. Destiny is a word used when describing the shows plot as Seg discovers his grandson will become the greatest hero in the galaxy. The show is still lacking something but time will tell what direction the show goes after just this one episode or even the 1st season. 

The Grade