Krypton - S1|EP02 "House of El" (TV Review)

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Krypton returns with the second episode of the first season and we pick up where we left off. Seg and Adam Strange in the fortress that Seg's grandfather left for him. From the very beginning of the episode you can see that Seg is still skeptical about Adam Strange's warning about Brainiac. Cuffe definitely embraces the angst his character has and agains reminds me very much of Tom Welling (Smallville). His development as a character is fascinating, it is very clear his arc will be political and infiltrating the council on his road to regaining the 'House of El' name. 

On the other spectrum we have Lyta Zod who challenges for the right to be commander of her own battalion. Her connection with her mother or lack of is great to see play out as she is in a win/lose situation. Her mother worries she isn't ready for such a challenge which one would think is a maternal instinct but it could also mean she thinks her daughter isn't a warrior as Lyta has stated before when confronting her mother. In this one fight scene between her and her commander it's relevant to point out that her connection with Seg and what she would do for him. The show is slowly creating the bond the Zod's and El's have in the mythos of Superman. This also scene also shows shades of the Zod mentality that will one day be inherited by General Zod in the future. Meanwhile, Kem and Adam Strange look for proof of Brainiacs arrival to help avoid Seg assassinating his parent's executioner Vex. 

The episode overall carries over the same tone from episode 1 with the exception of Seg who takes a bit of a back seat so all the other characters have more time to shine. The show knows when to inject humor even after the events of the pilot. 

The Grade