Krypton - Season 1 (TV Review)


Season One of Krypton on SyFy is officially in the books and it was quite the season. The show had only a ten episode arc but it felt like it had a cable season of twenty-two with just how much they were able to pack in each episode with precision and impact. The series stars Cameron Cuffe as a young Seg-El, Superman's grandfather who is living in a time of revolution in Kandor (a city in the mythos of Superman lore). We are introduced to familiar families like the Zod's and Em's while also being introduced to new ones like the Vex's. Alongside Cuffe are Wallis Day, Shaun Sipos, Georgina Campbell, Ann Ogbomo, and Colin Salmon as General Zod. 



Kryptons freshman season has been nothing short of a success. The great writing and character development has been one of many highlights for the show. DC has been knocking it out of the park with it's television for the most part but with only a 10 episode season arc the show had to deliver on almost every episode and it did. From the beginning of the season we are immediately thrust into the world of Krypton and the turmoil that Seg and the El family are in after the death/execution of Seg's grandfather. We jump a few years forward to a grown up Seg who meets Adam Strange, a traveler from the future, specifically from Earth. The set up to the show is that Superman will be wiped out of existence if Seg doesn't help Adam save Krypton from Brainiac. The relationship the two build throughout the season is well developed and carried out by the actors who bring the characters to life. The show also brings an interesting concept of "Church & State" to it's political side. One of the most important relationships the show introduces is the romance between Seg El and Lyta Zod. Yes, a Zod and an El walk into a bar type thing. In comic book history there has never been a more interesting twist than this one with the El's and Zod's (Correct me if I'm wrong). The biggest thing between Krypton and many other shows is that it's willing to take huge chances on plot lines and and character choices that not many other superhero driven shows do. The best example besides Krypton is Gotham which has recently finished it's 4th season and is promised a 5th and last season. Gotham just like Krypton take their liberties with characters and for the most part has created compelling stories for familiar characters we know. 


Krypton has also been able to weave in great references from the Superman mythos. Technically, the CG for the show was amazing especially with a network like SyFy who sparingly extend their budget on effects for Freshmen seasons of a show. A lot of what drives the show forward are the characters and the actors behind those characters who have knocked it out of the park this season. Cameron Cuffe fills the role of Seg-El perfectly and has shades of Kal- El aka Superman in him. Georgina Campbell as Lyta-Zod has really gone through a lot this season, from a foot soldier to leader in just a few short episodes she really commands the screen. Shaun Sipos as Adam Strange was a fun take on the character and his journey to becoming a hero. Wallis Day as Nyssa-Vex has also become a different character from when we first met her. She has become a hero in her own sense and her relationship with Seg could be the defining parentage of future hero of Krypton, Jor-El. That leaves us with one question, is Cor-Vex the child of Nyssa & Seg actually Jor-El? Brainiac/The Voice of Rau was also a great interpretation on the classic Superman villain, seeking knowledge of other worlds to preserve them was a fun take. 

With Season 2 coming in 2019, I believe this show will be a fun one to binge a week before the season 2 premiere. Well written characters, strong female characters who are presented as equals, and story lines that keep a fan of DC sitting on our couch waiting for the next episode as a good show should. 

The Grade


Krypton returns in 2019