Batwoman - S1|EP01 "Pilot" (TV Review)

Oscar Rendon | St. Louis, MO | October 7th, 2019


Batwoman (the series) stars Ruby Rose as the heroine of Gotham City, Meagan Tandy, Camrus Johnson, Rachel Skarsten, Nicole Kang, Dougray Scott, and Elizabeth Anweis. After 3 years since Batman and Bruce Wayne left Gotham, the criminals are not afraid and a new task force called “The Crows” are leading the charge against crime. Kate Kane returns home and discovers that being a hero might just run in the family.


The first episode of the new Batwoman series is in the books and the first impression is.. not that bad. First of all, the marketing made the show feel like a very overtly “Women do it better then Men” show which I don’t mind as long as you show me not tell me. This episode however was not that, it re-introduced Kate Kane in what we can assume is a quick origin to her story. We are also introduced to Alice, a new villain that will haunt Kate. Before you read on, we will be talking spoilers so DO NOT READ if you have not seen the episode yet. We get a quick flashback of Kate when she was a little girl and we see that her sister and mother were killed in a “car accident” after Batman tries to save them. I guess a parent/sibling dying is always a great origin story for a hero and its been overdone so many times, especially in the Batman mythology. Kate’s father played by Dougray Scott doesn’t want her to be part of his CROW team which eventually leads her to finding Bruce’s cave with his Batman suit. This is where we’re introduced to Luke Fox and he helps Kate alter the suit to fit her as she goes off to save her ex girlfriend Sophie who was taken by Alice. Even though she wears the suit it still looks like Kate has a long way to go before she moves like Batman when we met her in the crossover last year. The biggest twist at the end of the show is when it is revealed that Alice is really Bethany, Kate’s sister who she believed died in the car accident. Overall, I liked the twist at the end, it makes it tougher for the villain to be killed off or at the very least harder to defeat. Since we have never had a live-action adaptation of Batwoman/Kate Kane it will be interesting to see how Rose makes it her own. I liked the episode as a whole, so far no characters annoyed me so thats a plus and it promises to be a fun ride.

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