This Is Us - S3|EP14 "The Graduates" (TV Review)

Oscar Rendon | St. Louis, MO | March 6th, 2019


Episode 14 of This Is Us “The Graduates” sinks us back into the absence of Jack in the big three’s and Rebecca’s life. As the title hints, the huge milestone for the family comes with an empty space as Kate, Kevin and Randall prepare for graduation 4 months after Jack’s death. First off, Mandy Moore keeps getting better as she grows with the character of Rebecca Pearson. This episode highlights the similarities in which Rebecca and Kate handled/coped with Jacks death. The performances from the teenage versions of ‘The Big Three’ are always underrated but I think this episode showed why they work so well and are the best representations of their adult versions.

Poor Miguel, no one still gives the credit he deserves. What Jon Huertas does with his performance as Miguel is incredible. The show doesn’t highlight it enough but Miguel also lost Jack and we hope there are a few episodes either this remaining season or next about how he handles that loss and the affect it has on him moving forward. Focusing back on Kevins alcoholism, Justin Hartley who plays Kevin keeps knocking it out of the park. He seems to never be quite close to being happy. Sterling K Brown and Susan Kelechi Watson have become one of TV’s best Husband & Wife. This episode does raise a few concerns for the couple though as Randall asks Beth to take a different job as he realizes that change might not be what Deja needs right now. Overall the episode was fantastic and it also featured less and less of Jack but his absence is felt as a viewer but also as the Pearson’s try to move forward with a life without him.

The Grade