2. Brandon Crites (Fitness)


Episode 2 of the UnFit Pod is here and the guest is none other than body builder and coach Brandon Crites. Brandon Crites has dedicated his life around the gym and reaching for success. In this episode I talk to Brandon about his focus and dedication to the gym and what lead to him picking up his first set of weights, also we talk about our mutual love of wrestling and our 10+ year friendship. Brandon would also like to correct what you hear him say and follow him on Instagram @brandonjcrites. I said I would be talking to people who are making moves in the city of St. Louis and they just so happen to be my friends, so turn the volume up and listen in on this conversation and Brandon's first ever podcast.  

Brandon also gives some of his personal tips for getting in shape not just in the gym but in the fridge so take out a pen and paper and take notes.

Visit Brandon's website at www.brandoncritesfitness.com if you want to make a change in your life and in your health.

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