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I'm Oscar Rendon a photographer/videographer from the St. Louis area. In my first year as an independent photographer I covered Vans Warped Tour 2016, The Used Anniversary Tour, Tegan & Sara, Highly Suspect and more. I am also a sports photographer having shot for numerous wrestling promotions in the midwest like Dynamo Pro, PWCS, Galli Lucha, and Glory Pro. As a videographer I have filmed for On The Ropes Network (interviews, wrestling matches, etc.). I have also filmed a music video for punk-rock band Treading Oceans and am working with former Tennis player Rachel Stuhlmann on workout/exercise videos.

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Music is important to me, I like to say I'm an advanced beginner when it comes to photography. Always something to learn. In this album you can check out some of my favorite shots I have captured at concerts around the St. Louis area. From Pops Night Club all the way to Delmar Hall and The Pageant. 

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After music, wrestling has been my biggest passion. Instead of capturing moves and dives I try to capture expression and emotion from these athletes. I've photographed international stars like Michael Elgin, Matt Riddle, Naomichi Marufuji, Colt Cabana, Sami Callahan, and Cody Rhodes



I also like to take pretty pictures of people posing for the camera. Whether it be for promotional work like modeling a t-shirt, hiking up a mountain to capture marriage proposals for engagement photos. Capturing the beautiful side of a model is freeing to explore themselves in front of the camera



I always want to expand my knowledge of the camera. Working with people in intimate moments and creating beautiful images. Learning to adapt is half the fun of shooting and the other half is when a client or model’s eyes widen when they see the art we’re creating and the beauty in themselves.


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