June Divided 'Body Wars' (EP Review)

Oscar Rendon | August 23rd, 2018


June Divided is an up and coming rock band from Philadelphia, PA making noise for their mix of rock and pop songwriting and performance. The band is comprised of Melissa Menago (Vocals/Keys/Guitar), Chris Kissel (Guitar), Keith Gill (Drums), and Lenny Sasso (Bass). The band has been traveling and making music in hopes of releasing it to the world to hear and they have in the form of an EP Body Wars. The band is out on tour now and if you are curious about what they're all about then proceed with EP review of Body Wars from June Divided.

The rhythmic beginning of 'Firestarter' is a great way to begin to an EP, it gives you a taste of what the band is all about and just a few short seconds playing to your ears sensitivities. The melody from the guitar is a great pairing with Melissa's voice.  Melissa's voice echoes in the music as she sings in a high register. 'Firestarter' can be heard on rock radio now! Songs like 'I Didn't Mind' and 'Take' truly highlight Melissa's voice as she gives a bit more soul and bluesy vibes, she never tries too hard to yell the lyrics but instead gives them a little breath. Musically, the tunes have a great rhythm and subtle instrumentation that doesn't overpower or drown out Melissa's voice. 'Body Wars' the name of the EP takes a different direction with the keys/piano tones that separates it from the others. The great thing about 'Body Wars' is that it's lyrical content speaks to unification and coming together, wanting peace. 'Shine' goes into a heavier rock piece, allowing the drums to give the song it's rhythm as opposed to the guitar which has led the last few songs. The band does not shy away from playing with their sound. 'Time Will Stop' has a very groovy 80's synth feel, Melissa's voice as always adds to it and transports you to that era of music. 'Time Will Stop' certainly is a song that stands out and is the longest of any of the songs on the EP. Lastly, we get to song number seven and the last track of Body Wars. 'Pluto' which intro's with an acoustic guitar and Melissa's voice echoing with nothing but the melody of the guitar. As the song progresses the bass and percussion are introduced to add a bit more atmosphere to the song that softens the tone. Melissa's singing in this song almost comes off as talking which adds to the already intimate track. 

Body Wars by June Divided is a stellar EP that has you clamoring for more songs to a very great EP entry from the band. Songs like 'Time Will Stop', 'I Don't Mind' and 'Pluto' really standout and define the bands tone and style of playing. Body Wars debuts August 24th, 2018 and we highly recommend you purchase this EP on digital or in-store. Catch June Divided LIVE! at a city near you, visit www.junedivided.com for more tour info. 

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